Student Clubs and Organizations

DeVry student clubs and organizations are created and managed by students. Student support and creativity determine the diversity and number, and each year new groups are formed. Information on how to form new clubs is available from Student Services located in Student Central. Students are encouraged to stop by to obtain information on clubs and upcoming activities.

Part of your tuition will be used to provide you with student programming which promote your intellectual, social, personal, career, physical, and academic development. This will be accomplished at DeVry Metro D.C. by offering a variety of services including but not limited to: student advocate and leadership programs, an active Associated Student Body (ASB), clubs, organizations, and student activities, and diversity programs. It is our belief that the greater the involvement with DeVry Metro D.C. (including academics, participation in co-curricular activities, and interaction with faculty and staff) the greater the amount of student learning and personal development that will result. Part of your tuition will be used to support this belief.

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