DeVry Proficiency Examinations

Students who feel course material has been mastered, either through courses taken at another school for which transfer credit cannot be given or through self-study, may request a Proficiency examination. To schedule a DeVry Proficiency test call Anne-Marie Pierce, Testing Center Administrator, at 703-414-4026.

  • Proficiency examinations must be taken prior to the end of the course drop period. 
  • A score of 80% or better on a proficiency test is a passing score.
  • Transfer or proficiency credit that satisfies graduation requirements is considered when determining a student's academic level and progress.
  • The proficiency credit satisfies graduation requirements and does not affect your grade point average.
  • Proficiency credit is not granted for senior projects/capstone courses.
  • Tests are available only for the courses deemed as appropriate by the applicable Academic Dean.
  • Proficiency Exams cost $5:00 per credit hour. Payment is made prior to testing at the Finance office. Tester brings the receipt to the Testing Center.
  • Comp100 Proficiency Exams are free.
  • Nationally recognized tests (e.g., AP, CLEP, and DSST) may also be recognized for proficiency credit.
  • DeVry University does not grant credit for life experience.

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