MyMathLab Testing

Most math classes at DeVry are delivered using an innovative approach that offers all of the benefits of a traditional classroom and teacher, and includes the use of computer technology to help identify each student's specific weaknesses and develop a study plan to address them.  This approach allows the student to progress through the material at their own reasonable pace, ensuring that they "master" each concept before going on to the next one.  This idea, known as mastery learning, is an educational strategy that helps solve an age-old challenge in math classes: how best to teach students who have different learning styles and learn at different speeds. 

The goal of this approach is to make the student the master of their own math destiny.  The MyMathLab software provides instant feedback on every problem done; unlimited, randomly generated practice exercises; and a textbook that is online and fully integrated with MyMathLab.  The student chooses how to learn.  For visual learners, there are video lessons, examples, and step-by-step instructions; for auditory learners, there is audio assistance; and for kinetic learners (those of you who learn by doing things), there is a wealth of hands-on practice. MyMathLab Testing is offered without an appointment during normal Testing Center hours.

How to Log Into and Begin Math Tests on the Testing Center Computers:

  • When arriving at a computer, press Ctr + Alt + Del to bring up the login screen.
  • Enter your information in the boxes on screen; use your D# as a user name and enter your password (the default password for your account is the month and year in which you were born, in the form yyyymm).  Make sure the third box says "ACAD."  If you don't see a third box, press the "Options >>" button.
  • After Windows loads your personal settings, double click on Microsoft Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox.  Navigate to
  • Click on the large yellow "Log In" button on the right.
  • Enter your username and password
  • Enter the course you want to test for and select the test you wish to take.  A password prompt should appear on the screen.
  • Ask a Testing Center Employee for the password; Remember to mention which class you are in and which test you are taking.
  • While testing, remember to use the on-screen tools to format your answer properly. This includes formatting fractions, exponents, logarithms, etc.
  • Upon completion of all testing, remember to log out of the Course Compass site, close all open windows and select Start > Log off before leaving the computer.

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