Why Come to the ASC?

ASC Mission
Benefits of Tutoring 
Tutoring Relationship 
Do I Need Tutoring? 
Tutoring Tips 
What to Bring?

The ASC Mission
 The mission of the ASC is to enhance student learning by providing academic assistance beyond classroom instruction.  The ASC can:

  • Help students in all programs meet the standards of their coursework at DeVry
  • Provide students and their tutors a place conducive to studying and learning
  • Offer electronic and print resource materials for many subjects
  • Provide computers and workstations for students


Benefits of Tutoring
 The ASC can assist you in many ways.  In it you can.

  • Complement your present study habits
  • Review course material
  • Get clarification about material learned in class
  • Prepare for tests and assignments
  • It doesn't cost you a thing!


The ASC Tutoring Relationship
When you use the ASC for tutoring purposes you should expect the tutor to:

  • Answer questions
  • Explain/Demonstrate concepts
  • Promote understanding
  • Provide study, note and test taking skills

However, you must understand that the tutor is only there to assist you.  Therefore you must:

  • Review and complete course material before the tutoring session
  • Be responsible in your learning
  • Use the instructor as the primary educator
  • Be punctual and reschedule or cancel appointments if unable to attend


Do I Need Tutoring?
This is a very common question.  In case you are unsure of the answer here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Have you missed classes due to illness, business, or family emergency?
  • Are you having difficulty understanding the material that is presented in class?
  • Was your test score lower then you expected?
  • Is your lab assignment not working properly?
  • Have you been away from the class environment for a number of years?


Tutoring Tips
When to see a tutor:

  • To learn time management and study, note-taking and test taking skills
  • To ask questions about your homework
  • When your instructor refers you to a tutor
  • To clarify what your learning in class and discuss ideas
  • To help you study for a test or quiz
  • When you feel your beginning to fall behind in a class and need help to catch up


What to bring to a tutoring session:

  • Textbook(s)
  • Class notes
  • Course syllabus
  • Homework/Assignments
  • Related Materials
  • Past tests and quizzes

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